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Lemon Fuel Strain Review

Big up all my smokas! Lick a shot if ya love new strains! In my dancehall reggae DJ voice…”Ring the alarm, a new strain is growing…. Ring the alarm, a new strain we smokin… Woah!” Excellent recommendation from Select Co-Op.

Jet Fuel

Lemon Fuel is the new strain of the day. Lemon Fuel is the product of crossing Jet Fuel and Lemon Cake. This is a sativa lovers dream right here… Jump out of bed and fire this up to fuel the day with awesome energy.

Lemon Cake

I am not sure of the THC levels here. Just know this strain will have your creative juices flowing and physical energy primed to get any task or workout done with vigor. This strain tastes of Lemon skunk flavor with a spicy diesel element that blends together nicely.