July 30, 2021
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Rainbow Rozay Strain Review

I am dusting off the DJ Clue metal voice effects… “New strain, new strain”, on deck. The name sounds like some cheap-ass wine. Let’s check out what Rainbow Rozay is all about…

Rainbow Rozay is the product of crossing Cherry Cookie x Sunset Sherbet… Then crossing that with Rozay strain. The result is a strain that tastes of fruity, swett, cookie decadence. This strain tastes of sugary fruit snacks like gushers, mixed berries, and creamy gelato.

Sunset Sherbet

This strain is said to get up to 28% THC levels. As a hybrid this strain offers the best of both worlds. Sativa energy brings focus, and creativity to the experience. The indica elements provide relaxation that does not slow you down.  

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